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Maybe Molly

From: Jeff Dalton <>
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 88 22:50:32 bst
Subject: Maybe Molly

>> ... However, "Maybe Baby" (with Molly R.) has just opened so perhaps
>> SHAB is not far behind.

> Presumably this is the same film that played here as "For Keeps"?
> Ecch.

Ecch?  But it has Molly Ringwald(!), and she cuts her hair(!).  Think
about it: this is necessary.  She starts with long hair, and we all
know Molly Ringwald has short hair; things have gone against her, and
we all know Molly makes things better by making a pink dress.  But the
pink dress variation has been filled, and so she must do domething
else.  The film is a structuralist masterpiece.  And we have the real
Molly, cutting her pink dress hair, not the New American Orchestra
imitation, solving the problem untransformed.  What more could we ask?