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Re: Colourbox

From: ntcsd1.uucp!tector@MCNC.ORG ()
Date: 8 Jul 88 16:52:04 GMT
Subject: Re: Colourbox
Keywords: Colourbox, big dog
Organization: Northern Telecom, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
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Reply-To: ntcsd1.uucp!tector@MCNC.ORG (Chris Tector)
Summary: What's the deal?

    I have heard Coulourbox's _Hot Doggy_ off of 4AD's _Lonely is an
Eyesore_ compilation and their CD with the "horses fucking on the
cover" and I found them to be greatly differing in style.  I liked
_Hot Doggy_ a great deal more than that CD and therefore saw it as
another case of compilations containing some songs that don't sound
like the rest of a bands music.  What's the deal?  Does Colourbox
actually sound like _Hot Doggy_ or like the "horses fucking" CD?  If
the "horses fucking" CD is a collection of Colourbox singles then it
looks to me like their music leans away from _Hot Doggy_ which sucks.
Was that a one time thing like M.A.R.R.S. or do they plan on doing
more like this?  Please feel free to try to convince me that Colourbox
is a band which I should look for in the future.  Otherwise I'll just
stick with my "that one song is great but the rest sucks the big dog"