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Robert Fripp in Guitar Player

From: Tim Wicinski <wicinski@nrl-css.ARPA>
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 85 09:59:38 est
Subject: Robert Fripp in Guitar Player

The new guitar player magazine has an interview with Rober Fripp.
I borrowed a friend's copy and read it in a hurry (we were on our way to
a hockey game) so I didn't get the whole picture out of it. It is
a long interview, taking up a good many pages.  The interview
covers topics like why Discipline is a much better album than than
two albums that followed it;  a new method of guitar tuning being
developed by Fripp which he says is infinitely better than the old
standard (don't ask me man, I know little about music); and 
various topics guitar related, music related, and life related. As usual,
Fripp is his intense self.  It doesn't sound like he takes things
lightly at all.

Also included is a flex-i-disc of some frippertronics music. not bad.