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The passing of a minuteman ...

From: Jim Hofmann <hofmann@AMSAA.ARPA>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 85 13:15:50 EST
Subject: The passing of a minuteman ...

[dark depression/gloom/doom/sadness]

If this is indeed true, the world has lost a truly original and creative
mind.  I've been walking around all here in shock and totally unable to
explain to anyone who and what he was ... unlike Lennon's death a couple
of years ago it's hard to find a sympathetic ear.

d. boon represented a one of kind true hero, not afraid to speak his mind,
not afraid to lead his band through a thorough slaying of accepted musical
ideas.  With their first albums, they established the idea that songs
don't have to be long to get their message across, just about every punk/
hardcore band that followed keep at least one 45 second song in their
set ... they were totally against organized lyrics and preferred to present
thier songs in complete freeform ... even today 5 years later a listen to
politics of our time or what makes a man set fires will not fail to amaze
you.  For a true introduction to the concept of the MINUTEMEN, I recommend
Double Nickels on a Dime.  Earlier this year, they totally blew away 
everyone by releasing a 12" which deviated totally from the genericism that
hardcore had lapsed into, I recommend Project:  Mersh for anyone who
feels disgusted at that trend.  They also have just released a seven inch
and a cassette which I have yet to find.

So without d. boon, I really doubt whether the Minutemen can stay together
much longer.  He really seemed to be the unifying force behind them.
Sad but true.

He was also one big ugly looking muthah ...

"for one brief moment, a star shone forth" - Camelot

"everytime you hear a bell ring, an angel gets his wings" - It's a Wonderful Life ...

jim hofmann