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KB in Tower Records' "Pulse"

From: tsung@aero
Date: 31 Dec 85 09:31:30 PST (Tue)
Subject: KB in Tower Records' "Pulse"
Posted-Date: 31 Dec 85 09:31:30 PST (Tue)

"Pulse" is a (monthly?) magazine published by Tower Records.  In the current
issue there is an one-page article on Kate.  It seemed that Kate had
interviewed with an Tower person (why not? If she could interview with
Doug :-) as this article is consisted largely of her quotes.

Following is some of the more interesting stuff (KB's words are double quoted):
	The latest of five Bush collections just hit the bins and now
	_Hounds of Love_ is being stacked alongside such long-standing
	successes as Heart and Motley Crue (!!?).  Before, _The Kick Inside_,
	_Lionheart_, _Never For Ever_, and _The Dreaming_ were but small 
	cult items.

about RuTH:

	"That song is going to puzzle a lot of people," says Bush.  "I
	think perhaps the word God conjures up a sense of religion but 
	it's quite often used symbolically."   
	(a quote from Ruth about the Deal With God) ". .. . (God is the) 
	only person who can make the true bond of love possible." 
	She laughs: "Hopefully there are enough people who listen to the
	music and see that it's actually not that religious."

about The Ninth Wave:

	The flipside's (of _HOL_) dubbed "The Ninth Wave" or, "a journey 
	for a woman asleep on the water:  There are people trying to keep
	her awake and not let her fall asleep ['And Dream of Sheep'].
	Then she falls asleep and has a dream -- but wakes up from the 
	dream only to find herself underwater ['Under Ice'].  And then she
	has hallucinations where people are saying 'Wake up, wake up, don't 
	sleep anymore,' and trying to get her out of the water.  Except a
	witch finder pushes her right under because he assumes she's a
	witch ['Waking the Witch'].  Soon she travels home and sees her
	loved ones but they can't see her ['Watching You Without Me'] and
	hopefully it all leads to the hope and salvation of the morning
	['The Morning Fog'] where everything comes to life again.  The
	sense of loneliness is taken over by the sense of someone saving

(what happened to "Hello Earth"?)


	     "Perhaps there's more of a sense of continuity on this album,"
	she comments, "but that's just my humble subjective opinion."  One
	thing's for sure: "It's the lightest album and the easiest for me

	     But being able to "turn ideas into pieces of plastic" has
	remained her emotional high.  "What is wonderful is I may read a
	book or see a movie and get a lot of visual imagery.  Except the 
	influence won't surface in my music for maybe ten years,"
	(she cites _The Book of Dreams_ as an example).

	     "When the ideas feel right they just come to the front and
	sort of go, 'Hi there.'"

	     Plans of late are "getting on with the next record as soon
	as possible" and creating a full-length video version of "The
	Ninth Wave." . . . Bush calls herself lucky as her wildest fantasy
	is coming true:  the ability to remain true to her inventive mind
	without worrying about its results being accepted by the commercial

	     Bush sings about that fantasy on _Hounds of Love_.  "You
	want my reply?/What was the question?/I was looking at the big

	(written by Richard Laermer, quoted w/out permission, etc, etc).

Well the last paragraph (about "The Big Sky") certainly made a lot of
sense to me.

Say, do you think that The Ninth Wave could be about her own artistic/internal
struggle?  It's that witch part above (and the discussion a while back of
KB-the-witch) that gave me the idea.  For instance, the bit with the witch-
finder is about KB not understood by outsiders (critics, etc), and "Watching
You Without Me" (she sees loved ones but they can't see her) is about her
not understood by her close friends.  Just a wild speculation.

By the way, where does all that angry energy  of "The Dreaming" comes from?  
I don't think anybody can produce a work of such STRONG emotion without
some stimuli of an equivalent magnitude.


p.s.  KROQ (Pasadena/LA) played "Hounds of Love" (the song) twice in last 
three days! I'm amazed!  Within twenty minutes (of HOL), the same DJ played
"Close To Me" from the latest Cure album, which I consider to be one of the 
best cuts from the album.  Doubly amazed!