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Re: Yet another review of HOL

From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 85 01:51:44 est
Subject: Re: Yet another review of HOL

> From: lkt@ukc.uucp

>>  Some cynics may say its too fragmented, *EMI* had to be bullied into
>>  releasing it [anybody else heard this ?]

Nah, that's just untrue.  EMI probably wet their collective pants when
they heard the album ("Thank God it's not another 'Dreaming'" probably
ran through their collective mind), and thought of all the money they'd

And who are these cynics?  I've seen very very few negative reviews of

> The reviewer talks about subtle political message, I did'nt think
> there were any on HOL.

Well, it depends on what you mean by political.  Kate Bush doesn't
really ever write from a political viewpoint, and she is notorious for
not wanting to talk about politics, but some of the issues she writes
about can be seen as being political in some sense.  On HoL, there is
"Cloudbusting", which deals with the U.S. government throwing Wilhelm
Reich in jail, which kills him.  And "The Big Sky" and "Waking The
Witch" seem to be, in part, jabs at the British music press.

			"They look down at the ground, missing."