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Taiwan fan club bootleg

From: tsung@aero
Date: 18 Dec 85 09:01:37 PST (Wed)
Subject: Taiwan fan club bootleg
Posted-Date: 18 Dec 85 09:01:37 PST (Wed)

That's interesting--I'm from Taiwan, but don't know of such club.  But then
I left there 8 years ago and did not exactly keep up with their western music

I did see what must've been the first Taiwan club bootleg in a local store 
once, it seemed to contain mostly songs from "The Kick Inside" album.  I
didn't pick it up, but it was gone the next time (some other l-hound
lurking around in Pasadena . . .).

Female vocalists with "sweet" voices has always been popular in Taiwan
(e.g. Olivia Newton-John), so I'm not surprised if Kate attracted a
following there with her earlier work.  I just hope the fan club (given
that it existed) didn't die with the release of "The Dreaming"! :-)

Maybe I can somehow get more info on this (club) from (what's-left-of) my 
friends in Taiwan.  No promises, though.