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Yet another review of HOL

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Date: Wed, 18 Dec 85 13:41:01 GMT
Subject: Yet another review of HOL

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The following review appeared in Phoenix:The magazine for Kent students :-
My comments in [].

  After three years absence, Kate is back with an album that could only be 
called a myraid of haunting spectualar tracks. The *Wuthering Heights* 
screeching has been replaced with a patchwork of sounds including Sade-esque
soul, traditional irish folk backing music and drumming that could have 
originated at an Apache indian tribal dance! Although this mixture sounds well
[,] its odd to say the least; the credit goes to Kate for getting it to work!!
And it does!!

  She's lost the little girl lyrics and come up with subtle political messages
, hard-hitting poetry and there's even helicopter sounds at the end of 
*Waking the Witch* on side 2 which are taken from Pink Floyds *The Wall*. [ Big
deal !! ]

  Some cynics may say its too fragmented, *EMI* had to be bullied into
releasing it [anybody else heard this ?] and others think her passe but.
*Hounds of Love* is the *Best* album l've heard this year and was well worth
waiting for!!

[Reviewed by T.B.]

My comments :-

 First i think the people at Phoenix should get a better proof-reader, in the
original *Waking the Witch* was *Walking the Witch* :-) The reviewer talks 
about subtle political message, I did'nt think there were any on HOL. 
The comment about Helicopter sounds being  from *The Wall* , so what was so
great about this??

 Finally even though the Reviewer seems to be confused , at least he/she 
likes the album.

 Oh, and before I forget :- A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

 "December will be magic again"
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