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From: umcp-cs!aplcen!uucp@seismo.CSS.GOV
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 85 01:33:41 EST

>From ins_aset@jhunix Mon Dec  9 16:22:42 1985 remote from jhunix
Date:     Mon, 9 Dec 85 16:22:34 EST
From:     Susanne E Trowbridge <ins_aset@jhunix>
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>Can someone provide a Jesus and Mary Chain discography?

"Upside Down" - first single on Creation Records.  7" format only.
"Never Understand" - 7"/12", Blanco y Negro Records.
"You Trip Me Up" - 7"/12", Blanco y Negro.
"Just Like Honey" - 7"/12", Blanco y Negro.
"Psycho Candy" - LP, Blanco y Negro.

I saw the J&M C last night in DC, and boy, were they AWFUL!  Talk about
boring, pretentious, and obviously very full of themselves.  That didn't
stop me from buying "Psycho Candy" this morning, but the live show was
a dud.  For the full report, I'm afraid you
will have to check out my lengthy review in

>Anybody know more about Foetus other than Foetus is a word that appears
in the title of a bunch of weirdcord albums?

Foetus is a maniac, a bizarre genius.  Foetus, a.k.a. Clint Ruin, a.k.a.
Jim Thirwell, has produced two albums as Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel
("Hole," the just-released "Nail") and lots of 12"s under names like
Foetus Uber Frisco, You've Got Foetus On Your Breath, and many more.  He
has also released a box (that's right, a box).  I actually met this person
in New York a month ago, so I know he really exists.  I recommend "Hole"
to everybody who feels a little twisted at times...In sum, if Clint weren't
making all these records, he'd probably be a mass murderer.  The music
itself (oh yeah, the music) is often quite funky ("Today I Started Slogging
Again") or 60s influenced ("Satan Place") or just plain weird.  Ya just
gotta hear it, folks!

>In last week's _NOW_, the cover was Ms Bush with the caption "Kate Bush
Breaks Out."

Too bad!  I should have sent some Oxy 10 for Doug to give to her :-)