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No Subject

From: umcp-cs!aplcen!uucp@seismo.CSS.GOV
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 85 02:17:31 EST

>From ins_aset@jhunix Tue Dec 10 17:52:57 1985 remote from jhunix
Date:     Tue, 10 Dec 85 17:52:46 EST
From:     Susanne E Trowbridge <ins_aset@jhunix>

Hi again...I was just looking through my mail file and I noticed that the
reference to DJ Ennis (i.e. Anus) was in a personal note from Jim, not in
love-hounds.  Suffice to say that he and I are rival music directors at
the only two new music college stations in Baltimore, so we'll probably
never be the best of buddies...Hope that clears up the confusion.

Is anyone out there familiar with poet Anne Clark?  She has found a good
way to prevent her words from lingering in obscurity - she recites them
over very neat electronic music by John Foxx, David Harrow, and others.
She's quite prolific - I just bought her new album, the name eludes me at
the moment though.  I think she's Australian.  

I listened to the Jesus & Mary Chain album this morning - it's sort of
headache-inducing and the songs all run together after a while, but for
some reason I like it.  Of course, I also liked "Welcome to the Pleasure-
dome" when it was first released.  Entertainment through pain...