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SuiCiDAL (or should we sat - Rockstar?) tENDencieS

From: Jim Hofmann <hofmann@AMSAA.ARPA>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 85 9:03:59 EST
Subject: SuiCiDAL (or should we sat - Rockstar?) tENDencieS

They played here last night to a smaller than usual crowd.  Suprising, as it
was the only thing going on in town besides the taping of the "Christmas
with Larry" show at the galaxy lounge (special guest:  Dr. Ruthless).  

Many of the "cool", "in-the-know" upchuckpunks, said they were there for the
opening band, I guess to save face, I dunno.  I guess I should mention their
name - Per Capita for journalistic sake or perhaps I should mention thier 
fun-filled stomping and trashing of 60's pop songs - "I'm a believer" among
others as well as their slow, shredding rendition of "We are the World" -
dedicated to our favorite performer, Lionel Richie (who was reportedly
retaining water after hearing a tape of this version) ...... so, they
ended their set and we waited for Suicidal Tendencies .... and waited
..... and waited ..... and waited .... meanwhile back at the ranch .....
and waited .... a roadie came out and tuned their guitars and the sound man 
played an AC/DC tape .... and waited .... and waited ... Finally the drummer
and soon after the guitar and bass show up.  I was expecting lead singer, Mike
Muir to wait until everyone there lit up their lighters or started a cheer of
stomping and trashing of such gems from the poppy 60's (I'm a Believer)
"MIKE  MIKE MIKE ..." but he spared us and ripped into a bunch of songs off
the second, less superior, album.  (Fashion note for hardcore singers from
Mike Muir:  A Suicidal Tendencies T-shirt ($8.00), a crew cut, a blue bandana
tied just above your eyes, now sweat like a dog and hold your microphone 
like it is an organic chainsaw or at least a spastic machine gun.)  The
best songs of the night came off the first album - Subliminal, Suicidal
Tendencies, I Saw Your Mommy .... the worst song of the night came off the
first album - Institionalized.  The youngest kids there were making fun of
this one, kind of reminded me of the early crowd of hardcore types who made
fun of Led Zep ("Oh pls be cool and don't kill me, Mr. Hardcore" said the
pleading kid with a Dead Zep T-shirt) --- I wonder what music *they'll* be 
making in 2 or 3 years (perhaps everything will sound like the Church of
the Subgenius???).  Anyway, it wasn't the worst song because of this, it was
muddy and after hearing it so many times, I felt it to boring. They should
cut this song from their lineup ... though the psuedo-punks would probably
blubber and cry or something.  There was heavy slamming going on, not
recommended to the weak of heart like a certain wimp from nrl-css. (go ahead
post a volcano suns review - but I reserve the right to tear it down of
the supermarket wall! - what's next???? - Picture Week??) ....

Do I sound like a jaded punk?  Oh, did I mention I wore a 3 piece suit to see
how "open-minded" these punks really were?  The worst name I got called was
"dickhead."  One or two people came up and congratulated me for looking the
most different.  I just love this punk style!  

"Skinhead guys turn me on ... c'mon slamdance" - Fred's Song (BEEFEATER)