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Re: Love-Hounds Digest

From: David Fetrow <allegra!uw-beaver!entropy!fetrow>
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 85 16:33:59 PST
Subject: Re: Love-Hounds Digest
Posted-Date: Sun, 8 Dec 85 16:33:59 PST

Subject: Wierd cartoonists

There is another mag that has both Lynda Barry and 'Life in Hell', The
Rocket. It may be interesting to note that both Ms. Barry and Gary Anderson
live in Seattle (although Barry lives 1/2 time in France). It is also
interesting that they both spent much of their childhood in Tacoma before
moving to Seattle. This move (roughly equivelent to moving from Independence,
Missouri to a cross between Mayberry and San Fransisco) may have been the
cause for their skewed outlook on life.

 -- "Daphnia Dave" Fetrow

P.S. The Rocket is a local (Seattle) publication with its offices just off
     of Skid Road. It's writers double on a local comedy show shown on Sunday
     nights...a family comedy show. They go back to work Monday revewing
     Dead Kennedys or "Diactic Materialism and the work of Dylon, its
     Relation to the Rocky Horror Picture Show". This town has a lot of
     flexible people in it.