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Re: Love-Hounds Digest

From: allynh%miro@BERKELEY.EDU (Allyn Hardyck)
Date: 06 Dec 85 05:10:37 PST (Fri)
Subject: Re: Love-Hounds Digest

>So there's a weekly out there that carries both Lynda Barry and Life
>In Hell?

>There's probably more than one weekly that carries both Lynda Barry and
>Life in Hell. 

At least one more - the weekly East Bay Express (the one Bart Bull used to
write for) carries both comics.  It is free, if you happen to live by
newsstands carrying it.

Can someone provide a Jesus and Mary Chain discography?  I've only heard
them (knowing it was them) during a recent wacky trip to Bodega Bay taken
around 1 am and returning around 8 am.  (Groups also on tap were Gun Club,
Bauhaus and Alien Sex Fiend.  The fog was virtually impenetrable all the
way up to Petaluma, and you haven't lived til you've heard "We're Desperate"
played on a banjo.)