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M+M and racy lyrics

From: Marek W. Lugowski <think!harvard!seismo!iuvax!iuvax!marek>
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 85 18:13:04 est
Subject: M+M and racy lyrics

--> From: [me]
--> Subject: Martha and the Muffins

--> "do you suppose..."  that being called "Martha and the Muffins" robbed
--> the band of prominence on the new music scene?  After all, where is the
--> obligatory anal/phallic/political/medical/randomly-jarring reference? 

> certainly in the lyrics:

>	"Communication happens out on the floor
>	 They dance until two, fuck until four..." 
>		 - ("What People do for Fun" -- _Danseparc_)

>	- Rob Preston	<ihnp4!hound!hejira   -- AT&T Bell Labs>

Not fair.  This is neither jarring nor representative.  M+M has not used
the verb "fuck" before or after.  If fact, you're quoting a unique event
in M+M's output: an explicitly sexual reference.  Shame on you, as the saying
				-- Marek