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Re: M+M

From: Jordan Hayes <jordan@ames.ARPA>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 85 07:13:50 PST
Subject: Re: M+M

	From: H. Chai <utflis!allegra!ihnp4!utcsri!chai>

	The only time when I saw M+M live was in my undergrad days
	(daze??!) at U of Waterloo, Ontario.

Too bad! I saw them in Toronto PLENTY of times at places like nuts&bolts
and ... damn, I forget the names of those other places -- usta be a pretty
good club scene in Toronto ... how is it these days? (daze?!?)

Good enuf, I suppose, to drive up from Buffalo (which is backwards for
Canajuns, since everybody from Hamilton and Toronto usually goes to
Buffalo, but only because the clubs (read: you_can_drink) are open until
4am, whereas last call in Ontario is 1am ...).