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On August 16, 1985 |>oug /\lan thought it was time to create a discussion round about Kate Bush and her absolute artistic genius. At first it was 'only' a mailing list, but it soon resulted in a usenet newsgroup. The name "Gaffa" comes from "Suspended in Gaffa", a song on the album "The Dreaming", and refers to gaffer's tape (that's what Kate says). Gaffer's tape (similar to duct tape, but not as sticky) is used to stop people from stumbling over cabling.

The name 'r.m.gaffa' was preferred over 'r.m.katebush' to indicate that discussion is not limited to Kate. Sometimes this gets too much, but what to do in a four years gap between albums? Other artists discussed here include various female alternative artists as well as Kate related people like Peter Gabriel or Roy Harper.

"Suddenly my feet are feet of mud
It all goes slo-mo
I don't know why I'm crying
Am I suspended In Gaffa?"

Another note about gaffa and the discussions about its meaning:

AIIEEEEEEEE! Please! Not again! "It's tape!" "No it's not, you shallow twerp!" "But she said it's tape in an interview!" "Well, she lied. Kate _can_ lie, y'know..." "But why would she? C'mon, it's tape." "No way -- far too shallow for the goddess. Clearly, the song is about being mired in concepts that prevent us from reaching our chosen destinations." "But she said it was tape" "It's not." ("Hey guys, quit shouting. It could easily be _both_") "Hey! You got your gaffer's tape in my conceptual quagmire!" "No -- you got your conceptual quagmire in my gaffer's tape!" (TOGETHER) "Heyyyyyyy..."

Gaffa: It's two great concepts that taste great together. [GP]

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