Kate Bush FAQ


7. Credits

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The history of this FAQ starts with Jorn Barger writing a first FAQ for rec.music.gaffa/Love-Hounds. Later Ron Hill continued writing it. After Ron stopped posting, Uli Grepel continued this with a halfway rewrite. Birgitte Breemerkamp updated it in 2004, and Chris Williams and Vickie Mapes made further updates. Even if I've written a lot of the stuff above it's not all my knowledge, it's yours, since I've pulled most of it from rec.music.gaffa itself. To list the contributors in finest detail would be impossible, since there are so many, especially of those who 'just pointed out some errors' to me. Steve Berlin, who spell checked it, and wrote small (very small - [SB]) parts of this FAQ.

Some contributors that I somehow do remember (feel free to suggest more, I'll verify it...):

  1. AK: Aaro Koskinen 
  2. AR: Andrew Russ 
  3. AR2: Aaron Ridley 
  4. AT: Araminta Thorne 
  5. BLR: Brian L. Rachford 
  6. BW: Bill Wisner 
  7. CHB: Charles H. Baum 
  8. CW: Chris Williams 
  9. DB: Daniel Barrett 
  10. DC: Dominic Chua 
  11. DC2: David Clarke 
  12. DMcK: Daniel Kian McKiernan
  13. DR: David Reff 
  14. E: Elana
  15. EML: Emmy May Lombaerts 
  16. EN: Ellen van Neck 
  17. GD: Graham Dombkins 
  18. GP: Gregg Primm 
  19. GT: Garrick Twinney 
  20. IED: Andrew Marvick 
  21. JAC: James Alexander Chokey 
  22. JC: John Copeland 
  23. JL: John Light 
  24. KLN: Karen L. Newcombe 
  25. KO: Kathleen Ostridge
  26. LB: Len Bullard 
  27. MD: Michael Doerr 
  28. MR: Marcel Rijs
  29. MT: Meredith Tarr 
  30. NB: Norman Buchwald 
  31. PC: Peter Chow 
  32. RG: Ronald Girardin 
  33. RH: Ron Hill 
  34. RMC: Robb McCaffree
  35. RP: Rolf Peukert 
  36. SB: Steve Berlin 
  37. SMC: Stuart M. Castergine
  38. SW: Stephen Wiener 
  39. SZ: Steve ZPJ 
  40. TC: The Crow 
  41. TC2: Tippi Chai 
  42. VM: Vickie Mapes 
  43. W: Willtre 
  44. WW: Wieland Willker
  45. YS: Yamamoto Sozo