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3. Lovehounds/rec.music.gaffa


3.2. What is Love-Hounds?


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Love-Hounds is the mailing list version of rec.music.gaffa for those people who do not have usenet access. This means that anyone with the ability to send and receive mail can take part. |>oug /\lan, founder of Love-Hounds, did only later provoke the people on rec.music.misc to let him create rec.music.gaffa. Together, the mailing list and r.m.g. form an informal fan club called "Love-Hounds."

To post something to both, the mailing list and the newsgroup, you best send an email to


If you think you want to be on the safe side you might want to subscribe to the mailing list as well as to the newsgroup, because minor problems with the software might cause some messages lost on one of the sides. (This hasn't happened for a long while now.)

Love-Hounds comes in two flavors: digest and bounce. If you subscribe to the digest version, you will receive a digest once a day containing all messages sent to the list since the last digest. If you subscribe to the bounce version you will receive each individual message as it is sent. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to either version of the list at will.

To subscribe to the digest send mail to love-hounds-digest-request@gaffa.org.

To subscribe to the bounce version send mail to love-hounds-request@gaffa.org.

In the subject line include the single word "subscribe", "unsubscribe" or "help". Leave the body of the message blank.

To send a message to the list, address it to love-hounds@gaffa.org.

If you have access to USENET, you may prefer to read the newsgroup rec.music.gaffa rather than the mailing list. The contents of both the newsgroup and mailing list are identical.

On AOL, you can reach rec.music.gaffa by typing keyword "USENET" or "Newsgroups" to reach the Internet Newsgroups section. From there, you can subscribe to rec.music.gaffa either by:

A: Selecting "Add Newsgroups" and following the hierarchy downward from the choices you're given (i.e., "rec." then "rec.music" then "rec.music.gaffa") and subscribing once you've selected the group name

B: Choosing "Expert Add" and typing in "rec.music.gaffa" at the prompt. Once you've subscribed, choosing "Read My Newsgroups" from the Internet Newsgroups screen will present a list of all the newsgroups you're subscribed to, including rec.music.gaffa.

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