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3. Lovehounds/rec.music.gaffa


3.3. How are they connected?


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To ensure that every message from the newsgroup rec.music.gaffa also finds its way into the mailing list Love-Hounds, rec.music.gaffa is a moderated newsgroup. This means that to post an article to r.m.g you have to send it as an email message to the moderator who has to approve the article. In r.m.g's case the 'moderator' is the receiving address for the list, i.e. love-hounds@gaffa.org. More intelligent news software does know about this and if you post an article instead of sending it to the moderator's address these systems act in one of three ways:

  1. Your article is thrown away. This is the reason why a lot of new readers don't find their articles in the news system. If you experience this, you have to use the love-hounds@gaffa.org address by yourself.

  2. Your article is repackaged and forwarded to the moderator. While doing this, the news software insists on creating a new header. This is responsible for most of the postings with some news system as the sender and without any subject. It may be the case that your article actually is shown correctly on your news system, especially if the system forwarding it to the moderator isn't yours. In this case you might wonder why replies or follow-ups to your articles don't have any subject. If you experience this, you should either bug your system administrator (to change the behaviour to the third one below) or use the email address.

  3. Your article is directly forwarded to the moderator. This is perfectly ok, since then your name and subject lines survive.

Be assured again that no article you write is thrown away due to its contents or your person. It's just the wrong way of posting it, since the whole process is fully automated.

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