Kate Bush FAQ


3. Lovehounds/rec.music.gaffa


3.4. Pictures? Soundfiles?


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Pictures of Kate can be found via ftp (see section 6) in the archives. And this is the place where they belong - they do not belong onto the list itself - especially since it is also distributed via email.

If you want to submit a picture, put it onto some ftp site and announce this on gaffa. Thanks! If you don't have ftp write access ask for someone who does and send the picture to this single person.

This is not because we don't want to have pictures - the opposite is true! But put them where they belong.]

The same is true for soundfiles, though they are of limited interest - basically only until the real thing is on the market. Before you ask, there is no common way to compress soundfiles. Using the best all- purpose techniques results at best in a 10% save, using specialised techniques results in a file that's not usable on all systems and in addition the sound quality decreases a bit.

Right now there's a strict rule on love-hounds /rec.music.gaffa that we do not want any binaries posted to the group at all. Tell us about them, ask where to put them, just do not post them.

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