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6. The Archives


The Lovehounds Archives


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The Love-Hounds archive resides on ftp.uu.net [], in the directory /usenet/rec.music.gaffa - if you don't know how to do ftp (or what ftp is), then see section 6.3.

All addresses are given as URLs (Universal Resource Locators), the address format of WWW. URLs always begin with the service it uses, here always ftp. The complete URLs here look like following:


Without URL-capable software this means to enter

ftp machine [login procedure for anonymous ftp, see 6.3, don't forget 'bin'!]
get /path/file

There's also an incoming directory [which may not work].

Most of these files can also be found on Dave Datta's music archive residing on ftp.uwp.edu, though they are in different directories there.


6.1. Previous messages from Love-Hounds

All previous messages from Love-Hounds can be ftped from the archives, residing in yearly directories under


Often the archives are a bit behind reality, uunet often refuses uploads nowadays.

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