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4. Kate Bush Info


Kate Bush World Wide Web pages


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  1. Gaffaweb
  2. Sean Twomey's News & Information pages
  3. The Ultimate Band List's page on Kate
  4. Sozo Yamamoto's Rolling The Ball - Aspects of Kate Bush (in English and Japanese)
  5. John Heislman's The Single File
  6. Ron Hill's Cloudbusting (host: Richard Caley)(see also section 4.9)
  7. David Benson's The Muse
  8. IED's The Garden
  9. Bryan Dongrey's Kate Lyrics
  10. I Wanna Be Kate - tribute album
  11. Stuart Wilsdon's Lionheart
  12. Julian Shaw's The Kate Gallery
  13. Kate Bush Musical Extravaganza (Brian Wentz)
  14. The Illustrated Guide to Kate Bush (CG Publishing Inc)
  15. Garrick Twinney's Under the Ivy
  16. Releases from The Red Shoes (Scott Telford)
  17. Jon-Terje Lilleby's Kate page
  18. Let's Talk About Kate
  19. Club Gaffa
  20. UK Katemas gatherings
  21. Kate Bush @ Paradise Palace
  22. Huibert's Kate Bush Pagina
  23. Hello Earth
  24. iMusic Contemporary Showcase - Kate Bush
  25. Kate on "Top of the Pops"
  26. Babooshka Web Ring
  27. Karen Newcomb's Katemas Party List
  28. Rick Bollar's Kate page
  29. Hiro and Lesley's Kate links page
  30. Erlkönig: Kate Bush The group Talisman Kate Bush archive
  31. Punki's home page
  32. Michel Johnson's Kate Bush page
  33. Lane Stephenson's Kate page
  34. Windows Desktop pictures
  35. Yahoo Kate Links
  36. Irgendwo In der Tiefe, The German Kate Bush Club
  37. Milestones Gallery - Kate's sculpture "Billie Holiday"
  38. Kate Bush Page of Burkhard Siedhoff
  39. The Worlds of Kate Bush (Len Bullard)
  40. Cathy's Home Demos review
  41. The Violette Pages
  42. The Kate Archives at uunet
  43. rec.music.gaffa - The newsgroup
  44. Love-Hounds - The mailing list
  45. Kate Laserdiscs
  46. "The Lost Kate Interview"
  47. The Italian Kate web site

Sadly, some Kate sites previously on this have either disappeared or moved and are no longer re-directed. They might be accessed via the Archive.org Internet Wayback Machine.

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