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Who is Happy Rhodes?


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(Picture of Happy Rhodes, with Kate in the background) Happy Rhodes (her real name) is an independent singer/songwriter/musician from upstate New York, with 10 albums and an astonishing vocal range. She's been described as having a voice that ranges from early Kate Bush highs to David Bowie or Annie Lennox lows. In fact, a Happy Rhodes song has been floating around the file-sharing world for years called "When The Rain Came Down" that's misidentified as being by Kate Bush and Annie Lennox. If you'd like to hear the song, here it is. Happy herself is a huge Kate Bush fan and learned how to sing by singing along to The Kick Inside.

Happy Rhodes song samples can be found at:

Happy's official web site:

The home page of Ecto, her fan mailing list, can be found at:.

The Kate Bush mailing list Love-Hounds/newsgroup rec.music.gaffa was founded with the idea of being a newsgroup about "Progressive Artists with emphasis on Kate Bush" so discussions about other "progressive artists" are generally encouraged. However, occasionally the talk about a different artist grew to a point where it is appropriate to form a separate group. This is what happened with Happy, whose song "Feed The Fire" (from Warpaint) was the most requested song on WXPN, a Philadelphia radio station. Happy Rhodes discussion now takes place on the mailing list founded by Jessica Koeppel in 1991 called Ecto.

If you want to subscribe to this list, whose broad range of discussion includes many other female artists (including Kate Bush), send a request to the Ecto organisation via: :p> :p>


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