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Who is Tori Amos?


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Another spin-off is the Tori Amos mailing list: Really-Deep-Thoughts. The address to subscribe to the mailing list is:


The address to post to the mailing list is:


The purpose of the list is to discuss and disseminate information about Tori Amos and her music, and anything else that seems relevant. Due to the heavy load of discussion and members after the release of Tori's 2nd solo album, Under The Pink, Anthony was forced to make the list digest- only, that is, there is no bounce mail. 

There now also is the second Big-8 newsgroup for a female artist, called rec.music.tori-amos, though it's (unlike love-hounds and r.m.gaffa) not connected with the mailing list.

Since Really-Deep-Thoughts has had a few problems in its past, there are now several other Tori Amos mailing lists:

Torinews (originally for news only)

subscribe: torinews-request@smoe.org
Body: subscribe
post: torinews-request@smoe.org

Precious-Things (meant for discussion about Tori)

subscribe: precious-things-request@smoe.org
Body: subscribe
post: precious-things@smoe.org

Tori-Boot (flame-free discussion about bootlegs)

subscribe: majordomo@world.std.com
Body: subscribe tori-boot
post: tori-boot@world.std.com

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