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A while ago two collections have been made available, both of which are much more interesting then anything published. They can be ftped from ftp.uu.net, as usual. See section 6 for details. There are also disk versions of these floating around somewhere (a set in MS-DOS format, and a set in Macintosh format). Only requirement to get them is a) to find them and b) to agree to send them to the next one requesting them.

          "The Garden"

The Garden is Andrew Marvick's compilation of reference material on Kate, available in ftp://ftp.uu.net/usenet/rec.music.gaffa/kb/garden/ , including a detailed chronology of her life and career (much more complete then anything available anywhere else) [GARDEN01]. Also, a listing of all known Kate recordings, videography (which includes both official videos and the television appearances), and an extensive list of fan magazines [GARDEN02].

ALL of the lyrics (including background voices) to ALL of Kate's known songs (including unreleased songs) [GARDEN04]. All of John's and Paddy's [GARDEN03] interviews and articles for the Kate Bush Club Newsletter, as well as Kate's articles for the KBC [GARDEN05, GARDEN06]. Also included are about sixty interviews [GARDEN07 through GARDEN10].

         A Hypertext version of The Garden is also available:



        "Cloudbusting - Kate Bush In Her Own Words"

This is Ron Hill (the [ex-]keeper of this monthly post)'s compilation of almost 200 interviews, sorted by song, story, and subject order, forming the closest we may ever see to a full-fledged Kate autobiography. It is available in regular text format, or in Wordperfect 4.2 format, which makes use of Wordperfect's underlining, bolding, and italicizing, ability, and contains an extensive index. It is also available in MacWrite II, PostScript, and Word 4.0 versions. (Eventually the extra unedited interviews will be added into The Garden).

Cloudbusting is available at




          "Deeper Understanding - A collection of Kate Bush articles"

This third, in-progress book, also by Ron Hill, will compile the "best of" the Love-Hounds as well as a few articles from fan magazines and lots of published reviews. It'll be about five megs in size.


          "Moments - A Red Shoes Collection"

This is a collection done by Wieland Wilker [WW] which brings in all the stuff around The Red Shoes that came through love-hounds. You can find this collection on:


or on the web at http://www.gaffa.org/moments/

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