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Where are those d*mn
KT symbols on all the albums?


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I don't want to spoil these answers, so they are encoded with a rot13 scheme. If you do not have means to decode this, here's a description of how to do it by hand:

Rot13 encoding assigns a new letter to each letter that is in the alphabet. Every letter is replaced by the letter 13 positions further into the alphabet. Add another alphabet (...xyzabc...) to the end to get enough letters. Alternatively you can also subtract 13 positions. Coding and encoding are the same this way. Here's a table:


This says that every 'a' has to replaced by an 'n', every 'b' by an 'o' and so on. Now here are the solutions:

The Kick Inside:

Lbh arrq n ivaly pbcl be na Nzrevpna PQ. Gur onpx pbire (ivaly) naq gur ynfg cntr bs gur obbxyrg (aba-HX PQf) unf n cvpgher jvgu pybhqf naq n xvgr ng gur gbc. Guvf xvgr'f yrsg jvat fubjf gur XG flzoby.


Abg ernyyl qvssvphyg, whfg ybbx ng gur jbbqra obk.

Never for Ever:

Lbh arrq n tngrsbyq ivaly irefvba (HX) be n HF ivaly irefvba jvgu gur ylevpf cevagrq ba gur vaare cncre fyrrir. Gurer'f n cnvagrq ebfr. Ybbx ng vgf fgrz.

The Dreaming:

Ybbx ng gur fyrrir bs Xngr'f wnpxrg. Qverpgyl orybj gur ybjre qnex fgevcr gur flzoby vf qenja yvxr jvgu n onyycra.

Hounds of Love:

Lbh jba'g unir yhpx jvgu HX PQf, ohg naljurer ryfr lbh pna svaq vg va gur onpx pbire/obbxyrg cvpgher qverpgyl orybj Xngr'f evtug fubhyqre. Vg vf zber be yrff ghearq hcfvqr qbja naq 'znqr bhg bs funqbj'.

The Whole Story:

Lbh arrq n HX ivaly irefvba bs gur nyohz. Va gur ehabhg nern bs gur qvfp gurer'f gur XG flzoby fpengpurq va vg.

The Sensual World:

Qenj n pybpx bagb gur pbire. Ng gjb b'pybpx gurer'f gur XG flzoby, cnvagrq jvgu na nveoehfu. Vg'f abg pyrneyl ivfvoyr ba nyy irefvbaf.

This Woman's Work:

Are you really that blind? ;-)

The Red Shoes:

Ybbx qverpgyl nobir 'GR' sebz 'XNGR' (HX irefvba) be nobir 'E' sebz 'ERQ' (HF irefvba). Gurer lbh'yy svaq n fyvtugyl orag XG gung ybbxf yvxr n cebwrpgvba ba gur tebhaq.

Kate Bush Live at Hammersmith Odeon:

There is none :-(

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