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What about the
inscriptions on the vinyl discs?


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On a lot of English first pressings of vinyl records you can find an inscription in the runout area of the disc. Sometimes these can still be found on later pressings, sometimes not. Except for the messages on the 'Breathing' and 'There Goes A Tenner' discs these messages do not appear on the singles from the 'The Single File' boxed set. Kate does not only know about the inscriptions, she even writes them, so most of them are of some significance (comments in []s). Most vinyl records do have some numbers and/or the name of the mastering facility/person scratched in the runout area (e.g. Townhouse, Orlake). These normally appear on more than one record and are not written by Kate.


Here's a list of the inscriptions on the first releases of the vinyl editions:


12" maxi singles:





(these inscriptions are obviously not written by Kate Bush herself)

This list might not yet be complete, I'd appreciate further info. So far there are contributions from [EML], [RG], and [WW].

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