Solutions to "Where are those d*mn KT symbols on all the albums?"

The Kick Inside:

You need a vinyl copy or an American CD. The back cover (vinyl) and the last page of the booklet (non-UK CDs) has a picture with clouds and a kite at the top. This kite's left wing shows the KT symbol.


Not really difficult, just look at the wooden box.

Never For Ever:

You need a gatefold vinyl version (UK) or a US vinyl version with the lyrics printed on the inner paper sleeve. There's a painted rose. Look at its stem.

The Dreaming:

Look at the sleeve of Kate's jacket. Directly below the lower dark stripe the symbol is drawn like with a ballpen.

Hounds of Love:

You won't have luck with UK CDs, but anywhere else you can find it in the back cover/booklet picture directly below Kate's right shoulder. It is more or less turned upside down and 'made out of shadow'.

The Whole Story:

You need a UK vinyl version of the album. In the runout area of the disc there's the KT symbol scratched in it.

The Sensual World:

Draw a clock onto the cover. At two o'clock there's the KT symbol, painted with an airbrush. It's not clearly visible on all versions.

This Woman's Work:

Are you really that blind? ;-)

The Red Shoes:

Look directly above 'TE' from 'KATE' (UK version) or above 'R' from 'RED' (US version). There you'll find a slightly bent KT that looks like a projection on the ground.

Live At The Hammersmith Odeon:

There is none :-(

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