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The Red Shoes


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Moments of Pleasure

This song is Kate's tribute of several of her friends who've passed away. Murph is Alan Murphy, her guitarist who died in 1993(?) of AIDS. Bill is Bill Duffield, the lighting technician for The Tour of Life, who died in an accident while setting up for the tour. "Teddy" is the late John Barratt, assistant engineer at Abbey Road Studios during the recording sessions for "Never for Ever". Bubba is for Gary Hurst (dancer in '79 tour), Maureen is Kate's aunt [YS, WW]. No one (except Kate, as far as I know - [SB]) knows who anyone else is in this song, especially "George the Wipe". The verse about the "balcony in New York" refers to her meeting of Michael Powell, director of the film "The Red Shoes".

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