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          December Will Be Magic Again

This is originally a single on its own, but has now been used in almost too many singles as a b-side (Experiment IV, Moments Of Pleasure (UK)), and is quite often used on Christmas samplers by EMI. One of these featured an alternate ('bongo') version of the song, originally recorded for the "Abba Christmas Snowtime Special".

          Experiment IV

This is the 'teaser' for the semifans on the sampler The Whole Story.

         Rocket Man
          Candle In The Wind

The Elton John cover version Rocket Man appeared on the Elton John and Bernie Taupin tribute album Two Rooms featuring a whole bunch of cover versions. Rocket Man also is available as a single where it is backed with another EJ cover, Candle In The Wind, which is available in a normal and an instrumental version.


This cover of the 30s song was originally supposed to be included in the film of the same name. Unfortunately it was left out. But we were lucky, since the soundtrack for Brazil (which only appeared in 1992) includes the song.

         Fruitopia Commercials

Kate did the music for nine commericials only seen on American TV for Fruitopia, a line of fruit drinks produced by Minute Maid (which is a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola company). There was also a longer advertisement seen in movie theatres which Kate also did the music for. Another series of Fruitopia Commercials just started, the first one being spotted during a commercial break of the '95 Academy Awards show. The British versions of the Fruitopia commercials don't contain Kate's music, but rather Elisabeth Fraser from the Cocteau Twins. The original US commercials (i.e. those with Kate's music) do have kaleidoscopic effects, short subtitles, and just Kate's music on the audio channel. Kate's voice can be heard, though there are no words to be understood.

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