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Kate has worked with a lot of other artists:

  1. Roy Harper:
    • You (The Game Part II) the two halves in flight. From "The Unknown Soldier", also available on "An Introduction To Roy Harper", which is available as a CD. [AK]
    • Once. From "Once"
  2. Peter Gabriel:
    • No Self Control
    • Games Without Frontiers. Both from "III (melted face)"
    • Don't Give Up. From "So"
    • Keine Selbstkontrolle
    • Spiel ohne Grenzen. Both from the German version of "III", Kate's backing vocals are the same as in the English version.
    • There are remixes of Games Without Frontiers.
    • Don't Give Up exists in various lengths, the biggest (if not only) differences are in the intro and extro.
  3. Leslie Duncan:
    • Sing, Children Sing.
  4. Zaine Griff
    • Flowers. From "Figures"
  5. Ray Shell
    • The Man With The Child In His Eyes. Anyone got this?
  6. Big Country
    • The Seer. From "The Seer"
  7. Go West
    • The King Is Dead. From "Dancing On The Couch"
  8. Midge Ure
    • Sister And Brother. From "Answers To Nothing"
  9. Rowan Atkinson
    • Do Bears Sh... in the Woods? From "The Utterly Utterly Live Comic Relief"
  10. The Spirit Of The Forest
  11. Ferry Aid
  12. Alan Stivell
    • Kimiad. From "Again"

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