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Remaining officially published
non-album and non-TWW items


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Remaining officially published non-album and non-TWW items are:

  1. The Magician Of Lublin
    • The Magician. Only available within the film together with voice over in either English or German (or ...?).
  2. Rocket Man single
    • Rocket Man
    • Candle In The Wind
    • Candle In The Wind (instrumental)
  3. Brazil soundtrack
  4. Rubberband Girl single (UK and US versions)
    • Rubberband Girl 12" version
    • Show A Little Devotion (US only)
    • Home For Christmas (US only, from "The Comic Strip Presents... Wild Turkey" (Xmas Special '92))
  5. Eat the Music single (US)
    • Eat the Music 12" version
  6. Moments of Pleasure (UK normal/special single, cassingle, 12" maxi, Dutch CD single)
    • Show A Little Devotion
    • Moments of Pleasure (instrumental) (12", cassingle)
    • Home for Christmas (12", Dutch CD single)
  7. The Red Shoes (2 different UK CD singles)
    • Shoedance (The Red Shoes dance mix)
    • The Big Sky (single mix)
    • You Want Alchemy
    • Cloudbusting (video mix)
    • This Woman's Work (single mix)
  8. Eat The Music (German CD single)
    • Eat The Music (extended version, that is, it's 11 sec. shorter...)
    • Shoedance
    • You Want Alchemy
  9. The Man I Love (UK CD single/7" single/Cassingle)
  10. And So Is Love (UK CD single/7" single/Cassingle)
    • Rubberband Girl (US mix)
    • Eat The Music 12" version (not on 7"/Cassingle)


Of course one shouldn't forget the Utah Saints single "Something Good" which samples the line "Oh I just know that something good is going to happen" from Cloudbusting. Also in the video to "Something Good" about 30 seconds of the Cloudbusting video are used. Kate does like the Utah Saints and everything is approved by her.

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