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This section is a basic listing of chart position of Kate's singles, albums and videos. Listing all chart positions from all charts from all countries with all dates would need much too much space for the FAQ, but such a list is in fact available. Send me uli@zoodle.robin.de a mail and you'll get the latest copy.

Each item is only listed with the highest chart entry for each country . Some countries have official or semi-official charts. For these countries there might be two entries, if a specialised, non-local & non-radio- station chart shows a higher position. Sometimes the chart publisher isn't known. Some entries might even be wrong.

The (semi-)official charts are:

UK: BMRB/Gallup
USA: Billboard Hot 100 (singles) / Top 200 (albums)
Germany: Musikmarkt / Mediacontrol
Australia: Aria






Video tapes:


Country codes:

The biggest part of this list was compiled by studying old issues of Homeground. Other entries came from [NB].

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