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Steely Dan

I'll tell you what, we'll have another one of your choices kate and something you like from steely dan.

Hmm, terrific.

Would you tell us what it is?

It's called ``Peg.''

And why this one? Is it in the name or what is it?

It's a brilliant song, they're wonderful musicians.

Ok let's have a listen to them, steely dan and ``peg.'' [The song is played] alright, there we go with steely dan and ``peg'' .. (1979, Personal Call)


Let's come right up to date now, with an album currently in the charts: Steely dan, gaucho lp, and from it, ``babylon sisters.''

[Part of this record is played. Then kate comes back on, announcing in a surprising, very uncharacteristic imitation of an american accent (perhaps prompted by steely dan's music, which she has elsewhere described as quintessentially american):]

Hi, everybody! This is Radio Fun, and I'm here with Paul Dictionary and with him, Miss Bush.

[Laughing] and--and we have just heard steely dan from their gaucho lp, and ``babylon sisters.'' now, kate, this brings us right up to date, 'cause this is an album that's out right at the moment. And this is a, a funky little track by these two chaps, becker and fagin. And they're monstrous stars in america - not so here.

No, that's again why I played them. I think they're very underestimated. They're the most incredible musicians. This is it. They are here - a musician's band. I mean, all the musicians in this country just rave about them technically, and as songwriters. But you know, they're not really played on the radio, but they're just incredible - really good jazz [??? Indecipherable]. (1980, BBC)


I understand you like steely dan. What is your favourite album of theirs?

Gaucho. For me, each album got better, and I wish they hadn't split up. (1984, KBC 16)


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