KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


They keep telling me the chart numbers, and I just kinda say, ``Oh, wow!'' ([she sweeps her arms]).... It's not like it's really happening. I've always been on the outside, watching albums I like go up the charts, and feeling pleased that they are doing well, but it's hard to relate to the fact that it's now happening to me... (1978, ``The Blossoming Ms. Bush)


Well, it does always amaze me how songs get in the charts that are - I won't say rubbish, because they're not - but the sort of songs that so many people could write. (1980, Oct 10, Melody Maker)


Do you watch the chart positions of your albums and singles? Do you know their positions before they are broadcast, or do you have to wait and listen to the radio?

Yes, I suppose I do keep an eye on the charts to a certain extent, but I don't know the chart positions until the day you hear them on the radio. I usually hear via a telephone call from the record company, and they don't know them until that morning. (1983, KBC 14)


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