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I try to work on myself spiritually, and am always trying to improve my outlook on life. We really abuse all that we've got, assuming that we are so superior as beings, taking the liberty of sticking cement stuff all over the place. I think there is a lot to astrology, and the effect the moon has upon us all, but I hate the way it's becoming so trendy now.

I'm a vegetarian, and now that's trendy as well...but what annoys me the most is the way people are so automatically cynical about astrology. I mean, the Greeks put an incredible amount of hard work into carefully planned geometric charts, based purely on mathematics. People just shrug it off. It's the same with coincidence, as I said in the song ``Strange Phenomena'' (1978, The Blossoming Ms. Bush)


I asked kate if she was into the occult or astrology or anything, cos the words and bat-demon visuals sometimes suggest a bit of a fascination with all that, but drew a blank.

However, I do believe in spirits, and I also believe that people communicate by much more than word of mouth. There are people like beacons sitting on top of hills. You must have some friends that you can just feel calling you some days. They're just saying ``help!'' and you pick it up. (1980, ZigZag)


How important are material things to you, and do you enjoy having money?

I think I've just started enjoying money. It's very useful. But I'd like to think that I don't depend on it. Alot of things I do do, like an album, without money I wouldn't be able to record an album. But I would still be able to write the songs again. But you know there is something great about making an album.

Is there one material thing above all others that you don't have right now, that you would like to have?

No, nothing material, no.

Is there anything else, spiritual or otherwise, that you don't have?

Oh yeah! Now that's a completely different area. That's huge. You see the material is so superficial, and it really doesn't matter. What it's good for is comforts. And it can help you sorta get things done quicker, that sort of thing. The other side is the real side, that's the real riches of your life. And I've got a long long way to go there, I mean spiritually, as a person. And a lot of things in my behavior pattern that I would love to change. So that I could...

[Like] what?

Very personal things. I don't really you could even put a label on them, little behavior things that I know I do that are stopping me from doing more things. Like maybe a certain kind of laziness I have about certain things - I think oh no [Makes lazy motion]. If I could make the effort again in these little areas I could be getting more. Things like that. (1980, Profiles In Rock)


*There must be a lot of stress on tour and a lot of pressure, do you do yoga and things?

No, I don't. I have considered doing that, especially recently, just cause I can't get any sleep. There's just not enough time in the day to do everything. And I have thought of TM, just seems to be the one that everyone considers the way to get over sleep, but I haven't had the time.

At the moment you relax by keeping going.

Yeah! (1981, Looking Good, Feeling Fit)


*Now, in the music world there's a lot of late nights, high living and things, and yet you do not have pimples, spots...

[Kate points at face and whispers] pimples.

:.. And all the things that the rest of us get if we stay out late at night, how do you manage that?

Well, I do. I do get pimples and things, but luckily I've found some creams and things that are incredibly good for my skin and I use them morning and night and I seem to be okay. But I do get spots, everyone gets spots. And I think, you know, being a female, the most important thing is to get the makeup off, cause that can really ruin your skin. So just try to get that, and have a good time!

Is it, wash and wash and wash?

Well, not wash and wash...

How do you mean, have a good time?

Well, you could have a good time. If you're worry, then your skin shows that you're very worried, I think, everyone knows that. Have a good time, that's what it's for isn't it, life.

You obviously enjoy yourself and you're obviously very happy...

I am.

...Do you think that is why you're a healthy person?

I don't think I'm a healthy person. You see, I dance because I want to dance, not 'cause I want to keep fit. And it's just a sort of side thing that I happen to keep fit at the same time. I really like what I do and that that's what it's all about. (1981, Looking Good, Feeling Fit)


Many of your songs contain references to occult and esoteric philosophy. Is this a particular interest of yours, or are you just widely read?

I don't think I am particularly interested in the occult, but I do have an interest in the human mind, and the unusual situations that occur, or are said to occur, to human beings in extreme religious or spiritual states. But surely we all have a curiosity for things that we know little about. (1984, KBC 16)


You talk about energies quite a lot. Do you subscribe to a particular theory or religion or anything like that?

[Laughing] subscribe to a monthly manual.

You know what I mean.

No, I don't, really. But I do think certain things help, like I think trying to be positive about things is a very helpful thing. It can just stop you getting down, and to try and enjoy things if you can. But I don't have any kind of religious beliefs, really. (1985, Picture Disk)


Have you any religious beliefs?

No. not, not ones that I could name. I mean, I do believe in certain... I suppose, cause and effect is something that I would believe in a bit, but whether they're religious beliefs, I don't know.

"Cause and effect'' - explain that.

Well, I think if you behave I a certain way, then that energy will come back to you. the boomerang syndrome.

So the more positive one is in their thoughts and actions, the more positive life they will lead? And vice versa?

Ah, yes, I would... I think there is a lot in that. I think there's also a lot in that if you are positive and can be, even if things around you aren't necessarily coming back, at least you cope with them better.: so you think there's this sort of powerful force behind it all? Yes, I think it's actually a survival technique, a self-preservation where if you can always keep coming back, keep coming up again, not staying down there, then you're going to get a lot more done, you're going to be a lot more in control of what's happening than if you're depressed, unhappy. (1985, Profile 6)


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