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"Looking Good/Feeling Fit"
U.K. TV - August 6, 1981

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Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1991 01:02:04 -0700
From: rhill@pnet01.cts.com (Ronald Hill)
Subject: "Looking Good/Feeling Fit" U.K. TV, August 6, 1981

55. Looking Good, Feeling Fit: Kate is interviewed during rehearsals for the Sat In Your Lap choreography, U.K. TV, August 6, 1981.

This clip features an appallingly silly interviewer, but is nevertheless extremely interesting for its shots of Kate in rehearsal for an early version of the choreography for Sat In Your Lap. About thirty seconds of the rhythm and background tracks (without lead vocals or instrumentation) from the song can be heard; and Kate's execution of the dance moves is very impressive.

[Transcribed by Ron Hill. Above note by IED]

[Scene of Kate rehearsing]

I: Kate and her two dancers, Stewart Arnold and Gary Hurst, must have gone through this routine while we filmed it from different angles and each time it was as full of energy and each time it got more tiring to watch.

K: Alright lets take it from the top.

[More rehearsing.]

I: Now, to come to the obvious question, why are you wearing rubber trousers?

K: [Laughs] Well, they're not quite rubber, I think they're some kind of nylon. And the idea, as with leg warmers, you wear them to keep your muscles warm, because when you work your muscles you can pull them much easily [sic], and just things can go wrong easier because you're working them. So, to keep them warm...

I: So they're not sorta stretch-and-lose-weight?

K: No, it keeps your muscles loose all the time so you're less likely to pull or damage yourself.

I: There must be a lot of stress on tour and a lot of pressure, do you do yoga and things?

K: No, I don't. I have considered doing that, especially recently, just cause I can't get any sleep. There's just not enough time in the day to do everything. And I have thought of TM, just seems to be the one that everyone considers the way to get over sleep, but I haven't had the time.

I: At the moment you relax by keeping going.

K: Yeah!

[More rehearsal]

I: Now, in the music world there's a lot of late nights, high living and things, and yet you do not have pimples, spots...

K: [points at face and whispers] pimples.

I:.. and all the things that the rest of us get if we stay out late at night, how do you manage that?

K: Well, I do. I do get pimples and things, but luckily I've found some creams and things that are incredibly good for my skin and I use them morning and night and I seem to be okay. But I do get spots, everyone gets spots. And I think, you know, being a female, the most important thing is to get the makeup off, cause that can really ruin your skin. So just try to get that, and have a good time!

I: Is it, wash and wash and wash?

K: Well, not wash and wash...

I: How do you mean, have a good time?

K: Well, you could have a good time. If you're worry, then your skin shows that you're very worried, I think, everyone knows that. Have a good time, that's what it's for isn't it, life.

I: You obviously enjoy yourself and you're obviously very happy...

K: I am.

I: ...do you think that is why you're a healthy person?

K: I don't think I'm a healthy person. You see, I dance because I want to dance, not 'cause I want to keep fit. And it's just a sort of side thing that I happen to keep fit at the same time. I really like what I do and that that's what it's all about.

[More rehearsals]


Date: Sat, 7 Sep 1991 03:12:00 -0700
From: gatech!chinet.chi.il.us!katefans@EDDIE.MIT.EDU (Chris n Vickie)
Subject: Ron's Interviews

Vickie here, thanks Ron, for transcribing some of my favorite interviews lately. The Friday Night, Saturday Morning especially, and just now...

Looking Good, Feeling Fit is a favorite because 1) the sequences with Kate and her dancers are *fantastic* and 2) she gets peeved with the interviewer and acts clearly impatient with his stupid comments.

Razmatazz a very interesting interview, but this is one that should be *seen* because 1) Kate is at her most beautiful and 2) she shows the kids so many interesting items, such as the storyboards she drew.

Old Grey Whistle Test another favorite that combines a beautiful Kate with dippy interviewers (Chris and I call them the "Twit Twins") and, though Kate stays at the height of politeness, she manages to get in a few subtle zingers of her own at these two dorks. For instance:

At this...

I1: What is a dijeridu, what does it look like?

Kate, so softly you can hardly hear it unless you listen closely and turn the volume up, repeats "What is a dijeridu?" with an inflection that suggests a thought pattern something along the lines of "You didn't do your homework?" and it's quite obvious from her tone of voice that she's making fun of him. Now, of course, she would have no problems with someone asking her that question and she answers it with care, to make people really understand the fascinating instrument and the complex way of playing that is required. In other words, she's making fun of *him*, not at anyone else who might not know what a dijeridu is. It's just so halarious! Her expressions are great. She *knows* she's being interviewed by cretins, and *you* know that she knows it. I love it!

The next time she was interviewed by one of these twits though she wasn't in a playful mood like the first time. She's obviously hostile (very subtle, but you can tell she's not in a mood to put up with any foolishness) in the second interview. I assume IED has provided Ron (or will) with that one, from the HoL era.


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