KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


Where do you get all those nice clothes when you sing? Do they put your real, own clothes?

No, I go and get them from shops. Normally antique shops because the older clothes are just generally more interesting, you know. I get them specially for the things I sing. (1979, Swap Shop)


Were the brightly coloured trousers with zips and ties that you wore for the virgin p.a. Last year and for a number of photos specially made for you, or did you buy them?

Quite a few people have assumed that they were specially made. However, I did buy the trousers - from a boutique called Splash. (1983, KBC 14)


*Now, to come to the obvious question, why are you wearing rubber trousers [While dancing]?

[Laughs] well, they're not quite rubber, I think they're some kind of nylon. And the idea, as with leg warmers, you wear them to keep your muscles warm, because when you work your muscles you can pull them much easily [Sic], and just things can go wrong easier because you're working them. So, to keep them warm...

So they're not sorta stretch-and-lose-weight?

No, it keeps your muscles loose all the time so you're less likely to pull or damage yourself. (1981, Looking Good, Feeling Fit)


I used to dress up all the time. Every day I felt as if I was presenting myself. Hopefully I'm more relaxed now. (1989, Q)


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