KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


Besides youth and del, you have other bassists on this album, danny thompson, ex-fairport convention; And eberhard weber.

Yes, I do love the bass, it's a very beautiful instrument and, there's no doubt, it does put a very strong mark on the track with the player's personality really coming through. And, it depends, but often there are some tracks that are asking for someone's particular style. And on this album I felt that `` Hello Earth'' and `` Mother Stands for Comfort'' were very much in the style of Eberhard Weber, actually it was partly Del's suggestion. I've been a fan of his for a long time and a few years ago we brought him over for ``Houdini'' on The Dreaming. This time he came over specially from Munich, and stayed two days to do the two tracks.

Del palmer: I think bass players in particular, more so than, say, a guitarist or something like that, are so individual in style, and there are songs that lend themselves to certain players like eberhard. He's such a talented bass player, he's so together in his attitude and his playing. He turns up with this upright electric five-string double-bass that's like a work of art, and he brings his own amplifier, a tiny little one that I've never seen before that looked home-made and that he carries in a little suitcase, and he has his own stool that he always uses with a little frame that fits on the bottom so the bass is always at exactly the same angle and height. And he sets himself up, and I remember, on the second day, I was standing in the kitchen in the studio making tea and he was just sitting in the other room playing just to get himself going, and what he was playing was unreal. I wish I'd had a tape recorder going! I think personally he's the greatest bass player I've ever seen play. A beautiful player, and so fluid as well. (1985, Musician)


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