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Del Palmer

It does seem that, while kate bush is something of an acquired taste, she does on her own tend largely to satisfy the musical appetite of those who've acquired it, so that henceforth they tend to have a diminished interest in other artists.

Del: Well, you've just summed up my own sentiment exactly. I mean as far as being a musician is concerned, I don't really feel it's worth bothering with anyone else. I mean, sure, there's a certain amount of emotional content in that. But one's always surprised by what you do!

Gosh, I don't know if I can take this!

This is bound to sound a bit off the wall, but it does seem to me that in a way you're the true heir to everything that was good, all that was great, about the 1960s. Sure, a lot about the 1960s was crap, but what I have in mind are things like the beatles' ``walrus'' and stuff like that. Your own music is similarly large, it seems to me, both in its conception and the actual execution. Very eclectic, experimental, often very exotic, and at the same time animated by a certain spirit...

Well, that's great if you think so, very interesting, very complimentary. I think certainly the sixties was the time when I was growing up and all those early influences are very strong. But I don't know whether I would say what you said, although I do find it very flattering.

Del: Well, I think you've hit the nail right smack on the head, it's the truth, kate is more or less all that was good about the sixties.

And you know her music does strike me in a way as rather beatlish. I mean, most rock artists work within one or another genre but usually tend to be limited by it. But, like the beatles, you're always able to flit around in different styles while yet remaining recognizably yourself. Also you're always musical, always dynamic, always very polished...

Del: Yes, exactly. And it's remarkable, too, because you were never really exposed to the beatles at the time. (1985, Musician)


*Last week del bought kate an antique pocket watch for her 27th birthday. Enthusiastically she pulls it out, exclaiming: It gives off really old vibes! I can almost imagine being taken back to the time it was made. It's like our house. One day we suddenly stumbled across it and a back door had been left open so we were able to go inside. I'm sure there's a kind of force, a magnetic energy saying, come in, we're meant for each other. (1985, The Times)


You successfully declined to discuss your relationship with del publicly for seven years. Why was that?

Well, I don't feel our relationship is anything to do with anyone other than us.

But on the other hand, it was made public knowledge through the daily mirror.

Yes. There was a launch of the album, and it was really a decision, whether we didn't go together or whether we'd go together and just behave normally. And we thought it was silly not to go together - so we went together. And everyone wanted photographs of the two of us. It was quite a shock for both of us - It's been a long time since there's been that many cameras going off for me. And I don't think Del had experienced anything quite like that before. So it's not that it all suddenly came out in the open. There was a launch and he was there. But they loved it!

Does it create any tension that you are the one who is the bigger earner? Obviously you have the greater income. It's a reversal of the conventional pattern.

It's not really that unusual now. Del's very involved in the work. He seems to really enjoy the music, so we actually work together. I don't think he minds. (1985, Hot Press)


My relationship with Del is very stable. We work together, we live together. It works so well for us. That can be a very intense set-up, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's all very close and direct. After ten years, maybe we ought to be restless, but we're not. Some say the decade between 20 and 30 I very telling time in terms of human development, but I believe that the whole of life is like that.

Del and I argue a great deal - over songs. But we consider it healthy. Who wins? Normally, I do. I'm not the shy, retiring, fragile butterfly creature sometimes read about. I'm tough as nails. (1989, You)


At home Del and I just potter about, being ordinary-Mr and Mrs Boring! We give cuddles and we have rows, all that. (1989, Daily Mirror)


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