KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words

Abbey Road Studios

*Kate first visited Abbey Road when she was 15, to attend a Pink Floyd session for their Wish You Were Here album. I was absolutely staggered and I really thought I would never be able to record in a place like Abbey Road, she said, but she eventually returned in 1979 for the recording of Never for Ever. Being on your own in studio 2 is a fascinating experience, she said in Brian Southall's book Abbey Road. I felt tremendous vibes in there, both positive and negative. You know it's built on key lines [Invisible force fields such as those found at stonehenge] which means there are very powerful forces at work. I even thought of coming in in the evenings just to write but it would have been an enormously expensive way of writing. (????, for the love of kate, from the book abbey road)

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