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The Saxophone Song

I wrote ``The Saxophone Song'' because, for me, the saxophone is a truly amazing instrument. Its sound is very exciting - rich and mellow. It sounds like a female. (1978, Dreaming: The Kick Inside)


Is it true that ``saxophone song'' was written about david bowie, and do you know him personally?

The song isn't about David Bowie. I wrote it about the instrument, not the player, at a time when I really loved the sound of the saxophone - I still do. No, I don't know him personally, though I went to his ``farewell to Ziggy Stardust'' concert and cried, and so did he. (1979, KBC 3)


Will you ever feature a solo sax, such as ``saxophone song'' again?

Um, I don't know. [Laughs.] The best I can say is that I think in some ways the Uileann pipe is almost like a Celtic saxophone. And, so we've used them a bit. (1990 Kate Bush Con)

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