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Kashka From Baghdad

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* Well, ``Kashka From Baghdad'' that actually came from a very strange American Detective series that I caught a couple of years ago, and there was a musical theme that they kept putting in. And they had an old house, in this particular thing, and it was just a very moody, pretty awful serious thing. And it just inspired the idea of this old house somewhere in Canada or America with two people in it that no-one knew anything about. And being a sorta small town, everybody wanted to know what everybody what else was up to. And these particular people in this house had a very private thing happening. (1979, Personal Call)


[Motions to instrument] what do you call it?

Paddy: It's called a strumento da porco, that's it's real name, or at least the name that portoreas [???] gave it - he was a writer on musical instruments in the seventeenth century.

What do you use it for?

Paddy: Well we use it for a number with an islamic flavour to it called ``kashka from baghdad'' And it sounds like a santour which is traditional arabian instrument played with hammers, just slightly. (1979, kate bush on tour)


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