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"Do Bears Sha-La-La" lyrics

From: Scott Telford <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1991 10:58:03 -0800
Subject: "Do Bears Sha-La-La" lyrics
Distribution: world
Organization: Dept of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh, UK.

To change the subject....

I bought the "Comic Relief Utterly Utterly Rude Video Live" video a
couple of weeks ago. This (for those who don't know) is a video of the
Comic Relief charity show KaTe appeared in 1986. It includes KaTe
performing "Breathing" on an electric piano and also a comedy duet
with Rowan Atkinson (of Blackadder etc.) called "Do Bears Sha-la-la".
Since I don't think anybody's done it, I decided to have a go at
transcribing the lyrics. If somebody has, then at least it improved my

The melody is a typical "boring-70s-love-song-ballad" sort of tune,
and both KaTe and Rowan sing in an American crooning sort of voice,
which sounds quite unlike KaTe's usual voice(s). The Curtis in
Curtis/Atkinson is (I think) Richard Curtis, the co-writer of the
Blackadder comedies, which explains a lot...

Do Bears Sha-La-La 

Written by Curtis/Atkinson
Performed by Rowan Atkinson and Kate Bush
at the Comic Relief charity shows 4-6 April 1986.

(Rowan) For years I thought I'd have to live alone
        I never got a letter - had to disconnect the phone
        The only girls I ever saw were on TV
        But now I've got a Venus who's sitting next to me

(both)  Do I love you?
        Do I want you?
        Would I give my life to you? - if I could
        Do birds fly?
        Do fish swim? 
        And do bears sha-la-la-la in the woods?

(Rowan) I met her in the first-class lounge of a jumbo jet
        It was love at first sight - Romeo and Juliet

(Kate)  He looked pretty rich and I was down on luck
        So I charged him a fortune for a flying fu...
(Rowan)                                      ...for crying out loud!

(both)  Do I love you?
        Do I want you?
        Would I sacrifice my life to you? - if I could
        Is the Pope Catholic?
        Is Luxembourg small?
        And do those hairy bears sshhh... in the woods?

(Rowan) I introduced her round my friends - she was ace
        I was no longer on earth, but in a better place

(Kate)  He's a utter creep and he drives me round the bend
        To allieviate the boredom, I sleep with his friends
(Rowan) Ho-ha-ho!

(both)  Do I love you?
        Do I want you?
(Kate)  Would I tear out both my eyes and fry them?  - if I could
(both)  Is the Bible fiction?
        Is true love a contradiction?
        And do bears sha-la-la-la in the woods?

        Do I desire you?
        Do I adore you? 
(Rowan) Would I cut off all my toenails and put them into an envelope
        - with my feet?

(both)  Is ... godhead? [?]
        Is chairman Mao dead?
        And do those bears sha-la-la-la (sha-la-la-la-la)...
        Do those bears sha-la-la-la (sha-la-la-la-la)...
        Do those bears sha-la-la-la...
        On Main Street...

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