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England My Leotard (was re: KaTe stuf)

From: amsdsg!ray@UUNET.UU.NET (Ray Ryan)
Date: 18 Jul 88 17:52:12 GMT
Subject: England My Leotard (was re: KaTe stuf)
Organization: AMS Departmental Systems Group, Arlington, VA
Posted-Date: 18 Jul 88 17:52:12 GMT
References: <17006@sgi.SGI.COM>

England My Leotard was performed by Pamela Stevenson of Not the Nine
O'Clock News, written by one of the male members of the show (Rowan
Atkinson?), and can be found on their album Hedgehog Sandwich.  It may
offend the trully pure KT devotee, but the rest of you should be very

Not the Nine O'Clock news, by the by, was the best BBC-TV comedy since
Python for the limited time that it ran.  Bombard your local public
television station with demands that it be re-run, and look for the
albums (at least two, maybe more).