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Gilmour & Bush

From: "William M. Bumgarner" <wb1j+@ANDREW.CMU.EDU>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 88 17:52:12 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Gilmour & Bush

Which album did David Gilmour produce, and how involved was he in the
actual sound of the disk?  (how much writing/playing did he do?)

	[ David Gilmour didn't produce any of Kate's albums.  He did
	  some early recording with Kate, he personally funded and was
	  the Executive Producer on the demo tape that landed Kate her
	  record rontract.  The tape contained three songs "Maybe",
	  "The Saxophone Song", and "The Man with the Child in his
	  Eyes".  Kate wrote the music and words.  Andrew Powell, I
	  believe, arranged the songs.  Two of these three songs were
	  put on Kate's first album (without rerecording).  Another
	  song "Passing Through Air", which was recorded with David
	  Gilmour at his home studio, when Kate was only 15, later
	  appeared as a single B-side.  David Gilmour also performed
	  backing vocals on "Pull Out the Pin", which is on *The
	  Dreaming*.  -- |>oug ]

What is the address of the server containing the complete lyrics of
Kate Bush (and other artists)? [note: I know this question has
probably been asked a billion times, but I'm new around here...]

One last redundant question...  Anyone have a complete list of all of
Kate Bush's albums, singles, and videos?  (I would also be interested
in what is available on compact disc and if there are different
releases over-seas.)