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Blade Runner Soundtrack

From: clindh@STRIDE.STRIDE.COM (Christer Lindh)
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 88 14:50:10 PDT
Subject: Blade Runner Soundtrack

> From: medge@PHOENIX.PRINCETON.EDU (Michael Dovaston Edge)
> Hi, The Official Soundtrack to Blase Runner was released in the US --
> but it is a rendition done by the "New America Orchestra".
> The disc is certainly out of print.  

I don't know about that.  The local Wherehouse here was out of stock
on it, but got a new batch in a couple of weeks ago. I've seen it in
other stores as well. Maybe all you have to do is to move to Reno ;-)

> If you want the real sound track, the best way to get is to spend the
> bucks ($80 maybe?) and get the laser disk version of the movie.

A lot of people seems to be interested in the 100% REAL soundtrack.
Anyone out there with a disk player willing to make tape-copies
(copies for personal use of course... ;-) ?

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