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Date: Mon, 11 Jul 88 17:57:33 bst
Subject: Wembley

> From: keving@GAFFA.SGI.COM (Kevin Gurney)
> Keywords: gaffa, mom, leotards

> Does anyone know what I'm refering to when I mention the title "Oh
> England, My Leotard"? Does anyone know the story 

>	[ Yeah, but the song isn't by Kate.  It's a parody of Kate by
>	  Pamela Stevenson (who, by the way) was a regular on Saturday
>	  Night Live for season or two.  She was the one who had the
>	  tits that would move.  -- |>oug ]

The song was featured on the BBC TV series "Not the Nine O'Clock
News". There were two albums of sketches and songs from the series
released and "Oh England" may well be on one of them, but they are
probably hard to find even in GB. I believe they were called "Hedgehog
Sandwich" and "The Memory Kinda Lingers" or something like that. I'll
try and check for sure some time.

> From: Beth Freeman <bfreeman@E.MS.UKY.EDU>
> Subject: Vangelis

> I am trying to find the original soundtrack to the movie BladeRunner
> by Vangelis.  I have been told both that it was never released, and
> that it was released but not in this country, only in Great Britain.
> Does anyone have any info about this

The soundtrack was definitely released in GB because a friend of mine
has it.  I do not think it was released in the US.

> Subject: tour? CDs? maybe baby??

> Neil speculates that in the event of a tour Kate "is likely to do
> say a week at Wembley." I don't mean to be sacrilegious or anything,
> this is an honest question: could Kate sell a week at Wembley? I've
> never been to a concert at Wembley, and I don't know how much of the
> 100,000+ capacity is used for concerts. Is this really the venue
> where you think she is most likely to perform?

Sorry, I meant Wembley Arena not Wembley Stadium. The latter has a
capacity of 100,000 for football matches; probably more for concerts
like Live Aid when they use the pitch as well. The Arena is much
smaller - I don't know the capacity off hand - plus its indoors so the
acoustics would be an order of magnitude better; similarly visuals.
The Arena is where people like Witney Houston play when they come over

> Also, what is all this about deteriorating CDs? I thought the cited
> radio report was tongue in cheek.  I suppose this is what happens if
> you make things in Swindon :-) they deteriorate after a few decades
> or so :-(

Watch out for XTC to self-destruct in the near future then :-)

> Has the Molly Ringwold film "For Keeps" really been rechristened (so
> to speak) "Maybe Baby" for UK release?

Certainly has.

	Be seeing you.