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KaTe stuff

From: keving@GAFFA.SGI.COM (Kevin Gurney)
Date: 7 Jul 88 18:35:02 GMT
Subject: KaTe stuff
Keywords: gaffa, mom, leotards
Organization: Silicon Graphics Inc, Mountain View, CA
Sender: daemon@SGI.COM

More ammunition in the on-going "half of a heaven" battle between IED
and |>oug:

   The video for "Suspended in Gaffa" (or at least the version I've
seen), was filmed or takes place in what looks like an old barn. I
seem to remember some mention months ago about the early demo studio
being in a barn or similar building. Coincidence, or was KaTe really
trying to communicate with her fans that know everything about her
life????  You be the judge.

	[ Notice too, the big "wheels of Katherine".  -- |>oug ]

Question time: In the same video, during the "I'm scared of the
changes" whispering, KaTe turns to an older woman, who takes her in
her arms. Is this the Ever Blessed KaTe Mom ("blessed is the fruit of
thy womb")??

	[ Sure is!  -- |>oug ]

Does anyone know what I'm refering to when I mention the title "Oh
England, My Leotard"? Does anyone know the story behing this seeming
self-satire? I don't remember seeing it in Andrew's Discography. Was
it an intentional deletion? Enquiring minds want to know.

	[ Yeah, but the song isn't by Kate.  It's a parody of Kate by
	  Pamela Stevenson (who, by the way) was a regular on Saturday
	  Night Live for season or two.  She was the one who had the
	  tits that would move.  -- |>oug ]

For God's sake folks, let's start talking about KaTe again. Nothing against
other music/musicians, but come on, there's been a real dearth of KaTe 
KonnecTed material here of late.
keving @
"Suddenly my feet are feet of mud. It all goes slo-mo.
I don't know why I'm crying. Am I suspended in gaffa?" 
		-KaTe Bush