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Re: Mailbag (Kate-echism XV.7.v) (Kate&Midge&Stuff)

From: Alex Ferguson <mcvax!!ferguson@UUNET.UU.NET>
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 88 22:07:47 BST
Subject: Re: Mailbag (Kate-echism XV.7.v) (Kate&Midge&Stuff)
Organization: Comp Sci, Glasgow Univ, Scotland

>> Rumor has it Kate will be on this album in some capacity (B-vocals, I
>> assume).  Anyone know for sure?

>> -- Andy Tucker

>     Where did _this_ rumour originate from? Kate has already worked
> with Midge Ure, of course. Midge contributed BVs and electric guitar
> to Kate's live performance of _The_Wedding_List_ at the Prince's
> Trust Gala concert.

> But that's all IED has ever heard about a KT/U-Vox connection.

This rumour is rather substantiated by a television appearance by Ure
some weeks ago in which (to paraphrase rather approximately) he
stated: that he had finished recording his new *solo* (not Ultravox)
album; that this was considerably "deeper" than his previous work (I
dunno, don't ask me what he meant); and that he had been working with
people he hadn't had the chance to before, such as Kate Bush
(presumably he wasn't counting the above capacity).

>     IED fully shares your frustration over the dearth of worthwhile
> KT discussion in L-Hs, but he for one long ago gave up complaining
> ...

At the risk of prolonging Kate monotheists' agony, is anyone familiar
with a Midge Ure/I-can't-remember-who collaboration, _The_Bloodied_Sword_?
It gets mercilessly hyped in a Chrysalis catalogue as "a highly acclaimed
fantasy concept album", but I've never seen (much less heard) it.

Alex Ferguson.

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